Good Food Good Health – Good Liver Health With Regular Bowel Movement

I know it isn’t a topic we like to discuss, but do you understand that being regular as clockwork – with a bowel movement – or going to the loo, daily ablutions whatever you want to call it’s actually crucial for liver cleansing. It’s not something we’re going to talk about over coffee or when conversing on the phone to friends, but it truly is a vital function and I can’t stress this too much. If we don’t have regular bowel movements to eliminate the waste from our body problems can happen.

Not going daily has been linked to liver issues and bowel cancer. The time we’re most likely to consider our gut movement is when we become constipated, and if this is a normal event you should notify your physician and really take a close look at your diet. If we take care and eat a varied diet of good food for good health and drink lots of fluids we shouldn’t have too many issues. Obviously taking some kinds of medication may have an effect on this. What one person calls being’regular as clockwork’ isn’t always the same for each one; some people today go more than once every day, some say every day is normal for them.

But it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female going at least once every day is crucial for good health, makes your body work more efficiently leaving us feeling great. Did you know that our hormones are produced in the liver, both testosterone and estrogen, – and those have a lot to do with the’feel-good factor’ and the vital roles that they play daily. These hormones are then broken down by the liver and excreted via the gut as stools. Your body keeps producing new fresh and bouncy hormones all of the time.

Problems can arise if you’re not going to the loo daily to eliminate these hormones as they become reabsorbed, moving throughout your system again and stimulating hormone-sensitive regions of your body. Estrogen surplus is what this is regarded as in women and can stimulate development of interval irregularities, fibroids, and breast lumpiness. For men, testosterone surplus can mean their prostate may become enlarged and inflamed.

Teenagers who have a lot of hormones floating around their bodies frequently have a lot more spots. So to avoid having excess hormone problems is truly simple, we simply need to eat an excellent diet of good food ensuring we consume enough fiber and tons of fresh vegetables and fruit to keep our digestive tract and system on track, ensuring a healthy bowel movement is done daily. Remember to drink the necessary quantities of fluid which our body needs daily as this does have a bearing on gut performance. With too little fluid that the stools become too firm and this may result in other issues, not only constipation.

Surveys have revealed that 40% of the British people drink much less than the required 1.8 liters daily. This certainly doesn’t need to be just plain water, but maybe attained from all beverages including coffee and tea in addition to juices. Alcohol shouldn’t be included in the daily quantity. In some eastern counties, stools continue to be used for diagnostic tests to demonstrate the health of liver function. And in the west, some free health practices provide similar tests. As you know our motto is good food for good health’ and we believe that keeping your well being through a diverse nutritional diet ought to be everyone’s goal- you are what you eat after all.

How well you eat affects how well your liver works and how routine waste products are removed from your system, it is therefore vital to eat decent food to support your liver, as good nutrition helps form new liver cells and will help reconstruct some damaged cells allowing good health. So eating good food for good health really is the way to go’ please excuse the pun, it’s our motto and should be yours to ensure that your bowels work regularly. Eat well with frequent bowel movements for a fantastic healthy liver. Please give us your thoughts on how you think you improve your liver health.

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